DKSportcards Grading Guidlines


Here's a list of general grading guidlines I like to go by:

  • NRMT - Beautiful, any flaw would have to be pretty minor.
  • EXMT - Great looking card, can be a bit off-center, some minor corner probs, print spots, etc.
  • EX - No creases! No miscuts! A nice collectible card with some flaws that are not serious. Minor corner creasing OK.
  • VG/EX - This is the highest I will grade a card with very minor surface creases (wrinkles) or 100/0 centering on the front.
  • VG - A decent looking card that would be EX or better if not for one or more noticeable creases, or just a card with some scrapes, minor stains, that sort of thing. Centering problems are OK, even very slight miscuts.
  • GOOD - Still a collectible card, but will have creases, stains, corner rounding, other flaws. Insignificant pen marks are OK. A bit of miscutting is OK here.
  • FAIR - A bit nasty looking and beat up, but still good as a filler, may have fading, noticeable scuffing, minor writing, tiny pieces missing, etc. May be noticeably miscut or have tons of creases, some of which may be serious.
  • POOR - Quite nasty, serious writing, pieces missing, horrendous stains, and other fatal flaws! Referred to in OBC circles as a Tipton card.